This Denver Personal CHEF Rocks

Most people quickly realize the value in hiring a personal chef in Denver to help take care of some or all of their dining needs.  Weight loss is a nice side effect and having access, not only to fantastic food, but to all the extra time it frees up.  Having satisfying snacks, not to mention full meals, on hand all the time encourages new and healthy behaviors.  Fake it till you make it.  Having a private cook prepare your meals and is an experience you want to have.


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A personal chef in Denver Colorado can help you lose weight with a plant based diet.  Having plenty of healthy snacks on hand, prepared by your private cook, will help you combat the urge to eat the garbage that is widely available out in the work world.  With no planning you will succumb to the addictive draw of donuts, breads and high caloric fatty foods that satisfy your hunger for minutes while adding hundreds of unneeded calories to waistline.

There are a number of tasty Vegetarian Foods that any Weight Loss Diet should include..

Vegetarian Weight Loss ingredients   - Celery, Kelp and spinach are a few favorites.

Kelp can help you lose weight.  It provides dietary fiber, is low in cholesterol, contains vit C, pantothenic acid, iodine and other minerals as well as calcium.

Hormones are such an important component in maintaining a healthy body.  Iodine is important in relation to thyroid functioning – and the hypothyroid is what largely maintains your metabolism which is so important to  support as we get older.  Balancing the thyroid is a key element to weight loss.  Adding kelp moderately in your vegetarian weight diet may be the key to shedding weight optimally along with algae.

While keeping your stomach happy, celery adds little to no calories to your belly. While taking more calories to digest than it adds, celery also gives you much needed Vitamin C and fiber (which kelp also adds).    It also can help in relaxation which improves blood flow.  This is a great addition to your weight loss regimen.  A key ingredient involved in detoxing  your system.

There is a ton of fiber in Spinach which adds a sensation of fullness without adding unnecessary calories.  Also, it is full of vitamin K as well as calcium which is important to bone health.  Spinach, sautéed with a little garlic, is amazingly good!

Sprouting beans and seeds adds pure lifeforce to your diet.  Radish, cucumber, broccoli and most other raw vegetables will super-charge your vibrant health.  Juicing will bath your cells in pure lifeforce.  You will feel amazing.

Finding the right professional to help support a transition from frenetically snacking on health destroying American snack foods such as salty crackers, sugary treats and chemical laden processed foods to a really clean healthy diet will make such a difference in your life that you won’t believe it.  Feeling great and losing weight will just happen without your having to think about it.  Instead of gaining weight and losing health, how about gaining health and losing weight while you lead your busy life?

Lots of people in Niwot, Westminster, Superior, Longmont, Louisville, Erie, Lafayette, Highlands Ranch, and Cherry Creek in Denver have hired a personal chef to create just this reality for themselves.

A great food resource is wikipedia which will link you to many varieties of cooking styles and ingredients used in each tradition.